New updates and improvements to Expo and EAS.

Expo SDK 51

May 7, 2024 by

Avatar of Brent Vatne

Brent Vatne

Today we're announcing the release of Expo SDK 51. SDK 51 includes React Native 0.74. Thank you to everyone who helped with beta testing.

SDK 51
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EAS Build: Pricing update

May 2, 2024 by

Avatar of Chris Jensen

Chris Jensen

EAS Build is used by thousands of developers to build their apps on a daily basis. Some of these developers experience friction when they try to build a project via EAS Build, only for it to fail quickly for a variety of reasons, such as invalid configurations or minor code errors. This can be a frustrating experience, and doubly so when these failed builds cost developers money.

In an effort to continuously improve the Expo developer experience, we're happy to announce that from May 1, 2024, these builds will no longer be billed for or count against your monthly quota if you are on a Free plan. We define a "fast-failed build" as one that fails within 3 minutes. Each account will get a maximum of 10 of these waived each month.

Expo SDK 51 beta is now available

Apr 24, 2024 by

Avatar of Brent Vatne

Brent Vatne

SDK 51

The SDK 51 beta period begins today and will last approximately one week. The beta is an opportunity for developers to test out the SDK and ensure that the new release does not introduce any regressions for their particular systems and app configurations. We’re also hosting office hours for those of you interested in helping test the release!

SDK 51 beta includes React Native 0.74. The full release notes for SDK 51 won't be available until the stable release, but you can browse the changes in the expo/expo CHANGELOG to learn more about the scope of the release and any breaking changes.

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Xcode 15.3 image has been added to EAS Build

Xcode 15.3 is now available on EAS Build. You can start using it today by setting your iOS image in eas.json to "image": "latest" or "image": "macos-sonoma-14.3-xcode-15.3".

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EAS Build: Upcoming iOS images updates

Mar 29, 2024 by

Avatar of Szymon Dziedzic

Szymon Dziedzic

Starting on April 29th, 2024, apps uploaded to App Store Connect must be built with Xcode 15 for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, or watchOS 10. To ensure that your builds are compatible with the upcoming requirements, you can opt-in to use the Xcode 15 for your iOS builds by specifying "image": "macos-sonoma-14.4-xcode-15.3" or "image": "latest" in your eas.json configuration file.


"latest" is an alias that points to the most recently added image. If you are reading this post long after the publication date, it may point to a different image.

Refer to the build image documentation for more information.

Following Apple's announcement we are planning to drop the support for all of the iOS images with Xcode < 15 a month after the required Xcode version changes on Apple's side. This means that starting on May 29th, 2024, we will no longer provide the following images:

  • macos-monterey-12.1-xcode-13.2
  • macos-monterey-12.3-xcode-13.3
  • macos-monterey-12.4-xcode-13.4
  • macos-monterey-12.6-xcode-14.0
  • macos-monterey-12.6-xcode-14.1
  • macos-monterey-12.6-xcode-14.2
  • macos-ventura-13.3-xcode-14.3
  • macos-ventura-13.4-xcode-14.3.1

If you are using one of the images listed above, we recommend updating your configuration to use Xcode 15 as soon as possible to avoid any disruptions in your build process.

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