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Expo Orbit

Accelerate your development workflow with one-click build launches and simulator management

Download for macOS

Install with Homebrew

Run brew install expo-orbit in your favourite terminal application.

See all versions

All Orbit versions are available for download in GitHub releases.

Features highlights

  • Install and launch apps from local files using Finder or drag and drop a file into the menu bar app.
    Orbit supports any Android .apk, iOS Simulator compatible .app, or ad hoc signed apps.
  • Install and launch builds from EAS to your simulators and real devices in one click.
  • Install updates on simulators and real Android devices in one click.
  • List and launch simulators, including running Android emulators without audio.
  • Launch Snack projects in your simulators in one click.
  • See pinned projects from your EAS dashboard and quickly launch your latest builds.
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Want to contribute?

Orbit application is built using React Native macOS and is open source. Try it out, explore its capabilities, browse the code, share your feedback, report issues, or make a Pull Request.

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