EAS Service Level Agreement

Last updated Wednesday, November 10th, 2021.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is applicable to our Enterprise plan services; no SLA is provided for our Free, On-demand, or Production plan services.

Services covered by this SLA are EAS Build, EAS Submit, and the Enterprise Support Add-on.

EAS Service Levels

ServiceService level
EAS Build and Submit99.9% monthly uptime

Service level calculation

Monthly Uptime % = ((Maximum Available Minutes - Downtime) / Maximum Available Minutes) x 100


Downtime is the total number of minutes during which a service is unavailable excluding outages caused by factors outside of our control, including, but not limited to, third-party vendors or other external impacts.

A minute is considered unavailable if all requests throughout that minute return a 5xx HTTP error status (5XX) or do not return a response.

Enterprise Support Add-on Service Levels

Enterprise Support is an add-on that also requires an Enterprise plan

Add-onService level
Enterprise SupportNext business day response

Business hours

9am to 5pm PT

Response time

Response time describes how quickly an Expo team member reaches out to you to investigate the issue.

Service Credits

Service credit is the percentage of your applicable monthly service fee that is credited to you for uptime below our listed service levels.

Credits are applied to future service fees, are applied within 60 days from request, and are your sole and exclusive remedy for any performance or availability issues for any service under this agreement and this SLA.

EAS Build and Submit

Uptime percentageService credit
< 99.9%10% of the cost of your Enterprise plan for the affected month
< 99%25% of the cost of your Enterprise plan for the affected month

Enterprise Support Add-on

For each instance that we do not respond according to this SLA, you will be provided a service credit of 10% of the cost of your Enterprise Support Add-on. Total monthly service credits granted to a maximum of 30% the cost of the Enterprise Support Add-on for the affected month.


Claims for service credit need to be made in writing through our contact page and within 30 days of the incident and must include all necessary information for us to validate the claim. Information we'll need might include a detailed description of the incident, date, time, logs, etc.

Updates to This SLA

From time to time, we will need to make updates to this SLA. For example, as we add new services or update processes. We will provide at least 90 days' notice for any adverse material changes to this SLA.


If you have any questions about this SLA, contact us.