Tools and Services

Expo tools and services empower you to create incredible apps using Expo CLI and the Expo SDK, the Expo Go app, our cloud build and submission services, and Expo Snack.

Develop with Expo’s CLI and SDK

Install Expo CLI to create and run your project. Then use our SDK’s APIs and components to build a fully-featured application.

Create and run your project with Expo CLI

Initialize a project, choose a template, and begin developing.

npx create-expo-app
View Expo CLI on GitHub

Create a fully featured application with Expo’s SDK

The Expo SDK provides access to device and system functionality such as contacts, camera, GPS location, and more.

Run your project with Expo Go

Run your project on your own device in seconds with Expo Go.

Build and submit your app

EAS (Expo Application Services) can build your project into Android and iOS apps, then submit them to the app stores.

Build and submit your project with EAS CLI

Build your app, then submit it to app stores.

npm install --global eas-cli
View eas-cli on GitHub

Experiment with Expo online with Snack

Try out Expo in your browser and share your code with others using Snack.

Get started with Expo

Dive in and create your first Expo project.

Get Started