Support Terms

Expo provides support for our cloud platform services to our customers based on their selected plan. These Support Terms describe how we provide support and our commitments to you. We provide updates regarding any status changes in our services via our status page and the @expo_status Twitter feed. You should check these sources first before seeking support.

Our commitment to you

All Expo developers have access to the Expo Forums. This is the preferred forum for questions regarding best practices, code debugging, or implementation, and all discussions in the forum serve as a shared resource to help other users. Our team actively monitors & participates in questions and discussions in the forum.

Additionally, all Expo developers have access to the Expo Community Discord. Since Discord is more ephemeral than forums, we mostly recommend Discord for chatting with other community members, including Expo team members. However, the Expo team provides no guarantees for support via Discord.

Finally, all Expo developers may request support directly from our team via email or by submitting a request online. Our team aims to respond to all requests in a timely manner; however, we only commit to respond to customers with an active subscription, using the target response time guidelines described below.

Engagement with Customer Success

You must manage support services for your own end users. If, after reasonable commercial efforts, you are unable to diagnose or resolve issues in your use of Expo's services, you may submit a support request to our team. All support requests made to our team must be made by the owner of an active subscription.

You must provide our team with the necessary information and/or access required so we can verify that reported issues originate in our services. The single best resource you can provide us with is a link to a minimal GitHub repository that reliably reproduces the behavior you are reporting. This article provides a great explanation on how to create a minimal, reproducible example.

Regardless of the channel used to provide support, you must communicate with support in a professional and respectful manner. We do not tolerate communications that are objectionable (as determined in Expo's sole discretion) in any manner, including, as examples only, any communications that are abusive or that use profane language. Expo reserves the right to cease providing support if you engage in any such objectionable communications.

Requests for support can be submitted via our contact page.

Requesting support for build and runtime issues

Support can only be provided reliably for build and runtime errors where the following criteria are met:

  • The project builds locally without errors present.
  • The project runs locally without errors present.
  • No errors are present in the build logs during deployment.

If any of the above criteria are not met, we may be unable to provide support for the project and will likely recommend debugging the application locally or reviewing the build errors during deployment for further information.

When requesting support for build and runtime issues, please include the following:

  • A minimal reproduction of the issue, as described earlier.
  • A description of what you have tried to resolve this issue.
  • If relevant, a description of any changes made since your last successful deployment.

Requesting support for billing issues

If you believe your invoice or billing receipt is incorrect, we are happy to refund you. Please request all refunds here, rather than filing a dispute with your card provider. Should a payment dispute be filed before getting in touch with us, we are limited in terms of the action we can take to resolve the matter. If a dispute is filed, we may cancel your subscription without notice, thus limiting your access to paid features, in order to avoid further disputes.

Target response time guidelines for subscriptions

Outlined below are our target response time guidelines for our various plans. Our target response times are the time for which we aim to have our team first contact you to understand more about the issue that you have encountered.

  • Free tier: We provide no guarantee for responses for users on the Free tier. We encourage you to seek help from the community on the Expo Forums.
  • Production tier: We target an initial response within 5 business days when requests are made by Production tier customers via our contact page.
  • Enterprise tier: We target an initial response within 2 business days when requests are made by Enterprise tier customers via our contact page.

Business days include Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays in the United States or dates otherwise posted on our website.

For expert-level support including an initial response within the next business day, a dedicated account manager, and more, please refer to the Enterprise Support Add-on.