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Understand your users and grow your app with EAS Insights

Aug 22, 2023 by

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Chris Walter

Statistics and graphs showing how users by platform for an example app

In an effort to make it easier to develop and grow your apps, we're announcing a new suite of analytics tools called EAS Insights. Our goal with EAS Insights is to provide developers with the information they need to better understand their users, assess their app's performance, and feel confident in their direction.

As of today, we've begun introducing project-level Insights for all Expo developers. These features offer a preview of what we're working on, and we will continue adding new features and functionality over time.

In order to use EAS Insights, simply add the expo-insights module to your project. From there, we'll gather some basic data and offer breakdowns on the /insights page of your project on

If you have questions about EAS Insights or any feedback about these preview features, let us know.