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Expo Application Services

Deeply integrated cloud services for Expo and React Native apps, from the team behind Expo.

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It all starts with your project

Create genuine native apps from the same JavaScript/TypeScript codebase.

Start an Expo project in less than five minutes

Create a universal Android, iOS and web application

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Or run this command get started right now

npm install --global eas-cli && npx create-expo-app
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EAS Build

Compile and sign Android/iOS apps with custom native code in the cloud.

Get your project into a store-ready build with just one command

eas build
Building apps…View your build progress at https://expo.dev/accounts/…
Android Play Store build


Start time

Total time


Jan 11, 2023 7:07PM

8m 50s

iOS App Store build


Start time

Total time


Jan 11, 2023 7:07PM

7m 44s

Create builds for every step of your app’s development process

Run on your device

with development builds

Test locally

with simulator builds

Share with your team

with internal distribution

Ready for users

with app store builds









All libraries and code welcome.
Native ones too.

A developer experience you'll love

JSON configuration

Create multiple profiles capable of configuring builds for any environment.

Optimized binaries

We only include required libraries at compile time so that you'll have the smallest possible build.

Secrets and credentials

We'll help you manage your secrets and credentials, so you can focus on building your app.

Build anything, from anywhere

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EAS Submit

Upload your app to the Play Store or App Store from the cloud with a single command.

Submit your builds with one command

eas submit
Submitting to the Play Store…Submitting to the App Store…Submissions complete!
Send buildsApp Store


When your build finishes, don’t wait to run a command. We’ll run it for you. At last, “kicking off a build” means taking your code all the way to the store.

eas build --auto-submit

Set up and keep track of submissions like never before


Automatically submit your builds when they finish building.

JSON configuration

Create multiple submission profiles capable of submitting builds to app stores.

Descriptive logs

View formatted logs and errors, all saved and accessible by your team.

Deliver your apps with ease

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EAS Update

Seamlessly deliver live app updates, critical bug fixes, content changes, beta features, and more to give your users the best experience possible.

Push app updates directly to your users.

eas channel:edit
production --branch version-3.0
Send buildsApp Store

Customize your update strategies

Choose when to apply new updates through expo-updates API and app config if the default behavior is not suitable for you. You’ll always have the upper hand in shaping the update process without compromising your users' experience.

eas channel:rollout

The power of EAS Update

Enhanced Workflow

Build developer momentum with a culture of shipping work continuously.

End User Experience

Release hotfixes and enhancements in response to user feedback or market trends.

Broad Compatibility

EAS Update is designed for Expo apps & works with pure React Native apps.

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Don't wait to ship your next app update

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Get there faster with Expo Application Services

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There’s a lot more on the way

Expo Application Services is a new product with many new features on the horizon. Stay up to date with our newsletter.