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EAS Build: Upcoming iOS images updates

Mar 29, 2024 by

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Szymon Dziedzic

Starting on April 29th, 2024, apps uploaded to App Store Connect must be built with Xcode 15 for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, or watchOS 10. To ensure that your builds are compatible with the upcoming requirements, you can opt-in to use the Xcode 15 for your iOS builds by specifying "image": "macos-sonoma-14.4-xcode-15.3" or "image": "latest" in your eas.json configuration file.


"latest" is an alias that points to the most recently added image. If you are reading this post long after the publication date, it may point to a different image.

Refer to the build image documentation for more information.

Following Apple's announcement we are planning to drop the support for all of the iOS images with Xcode < 15 a month after the required Xcode version changes on Apple's side. This means that starting on May 29th, 2024, we will no longer provide the following images:

  • macos-monterey-12.1-xcode-13.2
  • macos-monterey-12.3-xcode-13.3
  • macos-monterey-12.4-xcode-13.4
  • macos-monterey-12.6-xcode-14.0
  • macos-monterey-12.6-xcode-14.1
  • macos-monterey-12.6-xcode-14.2
  • macos-ventura-13.3-xcode-14.3
  • macos-ventura-13.4-xcode-14.3.1

If you are using one of the images listed above, we recommend updating your configuration to use Xcode 15 as soon as possible to avoid any disruptions in your build process.