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New Dashboard Tables and More Timeline Activities

Aug 2, 2023 by

Avatar of Tomasz Czajecki

Tomasz Czajecki

New table styles

We refreshed a big chunk of our dashboard – by replacing all tables. They have better visual information density, a fresh new look, and many of them had their backend endpoints rewritten to be much faster to load.

Additionally, we added more activities to the timeline. You can now see your updates and submissions there. It paints a much better picture of what's happening in your projects and organizations!


Avatar of Tomasz Czajecki

Tomasz Czajecki for implementing new components and rewriting portions of backend

Avatar of Jon Samp

Jon Samp for the overall vision and designs

Avatar of Juwan Wheatley

Juwan Wheatley for sharing ideas, feedback and stopping Tomasz from shipping bugs

Avatar of Bartosz Kaszubowski

Bartosz Kaszubowski for helping in implementation and converting some of the existing tables