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Link your GitHub repo with Expo

Jul 19, 2023 by

Avatar of Juwan Wheatley

Juwan Wheatley

GitHub pull request label

To make building your project even faster, we now support linking your GitHub repo with your Expo project on This allows you to:

  • Kick off a build from This allows anyone on your team to kick off a build quickly, without needed to jump into the command line.
  • Kick off a build from a PR using a label. For example, adding a label named eas-build-android:production will kick off an Android build on the production build profile using the latest code on the current branch.

EAS customers can get started by going to your project's GitHub settings and linking your GitHub account.


Avatar of Juwan Wheatley

Juwan Wheatley as project lead

Wojciech Kozyra for foundational system design and implementation of GitHub Builds

Avatar of Cedric van Putten

Cedric van Putten for working on GitHub label triggers

Avatar of Szymon Dziedzic

Szymon Dziedzic for giving valuable technical advice

Avatar of Kim Brandwijk

Kim Brandwijk for giving valuable feedback on UI/UX

Avatar of Tomasz Czajecki

Tomasz Czajecki for integrating GitHub builds with our new website table designs

Avatar of Jon Samp

Jon Samp for help with docs, design, and marketing